Friday, July 20, 2007

Wellcome to the NAVY RAP ROCKS!!

This is the first time sensation on the blog world....cuz "NAVY" is now here....its juz an expression...other then dat,navy is the short form of..."Navdeep--the Rapper"...lolz

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I am good,nice with nice ppl,n for the bad ppl...well am good to them as well,,,lolz...well dats my nature i dont hurt far as my thinking,adn as i've heard it in some really classsic movie"life's nt abt rainbows n butterflies..its a very mean n nasty place n i don't care how much tough u'll bend u down 2 ur knees if u permanently let it ain't abt how hard u hit...its abt how hard u can get hit n still move forward.".....n dats tru...